How to dress for an Inverted Triangle shape

How to dress for an Inverted Triangle shape

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Have you heard of the importance of dressing for your body type? When you dress according to your body, every outfit will turn heads. First things first, you have to be sure of your body type, once you are sure of that everything else automatically falls into place a lot easier. The aim is to wear whatever you want to happily and comfortably. Here is our guide to help you pick your favourites.

Are you an Inverted Triangle shape?

  • Your shoulders and busts are wider than your hips.
  • The shoulders usually tend to be the broadest part of your figure.
  • The waists and hips are slender.

If you are unsure of the characteristics that describe you best, you will need two things, our guide to deconstructing your body shape and a measuring tape. We also have guides for the other shapes you are likely to be: Apple, Rectangle, Hourglass and Pear.

Styles to make you look great

There are a few things you need to remember, go for outfits that help balance out your shoulders, hips, waist and bust and at the same time draw focus to some of your best assets. It is as simple as this to create curves, length and show love to your favourite features.

  1.  Dark Colours

 Dark colours are your go-tos for covering any part you want to take some attention away from, as simple as that. The dark coloured kurtas will divert attention from your shoulders and balance out the broadest part of your body to compliment the rest!

The delicate embroidery and intricate details of our kurtas play an equally important role in making you shine as your best self!

  1.  Straight and Long Kurtas

The shoulders and busts are wider than the hips, these characteristics can do with some much-needed lengthening of the upper body. Long kurtas do just the trick by creating an illusion of a lengthened figure. These kurtas don’t just compliment your height but also enhance your silhouette so why not let the structure of the dress do the heavy lifting.

  1.  Embellished Bottoms

The idea here is that when you already have wider shoulders that take up most of the limelight, embellishments on the lowers can make up for the lack of attention to this part of the body in turn balancing it all out perfectly.

Knowledge is the key to exploration; our only aim is to help you feel happy in your choice of clothing. Mix and match and find the outfits that add to your style. Also feel free to reach out to our stylists at any hour.