The only travel checklist you need to pack light for your next vacation

The only travel checklist you need to pack light for your next vacation

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  1. Colours, colours, colours!

Here’s the thing about packing too many colours, you’re going to end up packing too much and yet you’ll be left with very few outfits to recycle through the trip. So choose options that go with the rest so you can always mix and match. Solids that match, neutrals that blend with your choices and if you’re heart goes out for patterns, pick ones in colours you already have packed with other options.

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  1. Fabric matters!

Always check weather conditions in places you’re going to and pack for the season. Think layers that you can add too for colder climates, thicker fabrics (silks/velvets/wool) and safe outer wear that go with any outfit! For summer pick the softest cottons, lightweight breathable fabrics that keep you from sweating and colours to match the glorious sun.

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  1. Silhouettes that flatter you

Pick styles you are totally and utterly confident wearing. We are all for experimenting but the last thing you want whilst on a vacation is to be worried about how a fit looks on you, pick comfortable options that make you feel great and definitely ones that compliment you. Perfect fits are mandatory and extra points for flaunting what feels like you and for actually wearing all you pack.

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  1. Style counts!

Where you go matters! Always always keep in mind the vibe of the place you’re visiting. A beach holiday? Breezy kaftans and some shorts sets for the win, a city trip? Some smart co-ords or go a step further and rock the work chic look, a trip to smaller towns? You can’t go wrong with classic kurtas. Carrying options to suit the place you go to always proves to be a  handy trick.


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  1. Don’t miss out on your loungewear

Dressing up to step out, we’ve all got covered but what about for the time you spend in hotel rooms, lounging with your crew or for those times you want to explore the many facilities they provide around the property? Or better yet for a casual walk down the city?

Take your loungewear but give them an upgrade, opt for pretty pairs you can step out in.

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  1. Something dressy!

Keeping back up options for events that may turn up is a smart thing to do. Always carry a pair that you can dress up just in case the need arises. Better yet pick options you can either dress down or dress up that way you nail two needs with a single outfit!


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  1. Plan your accessories

Silver goes with a lot, some statement pieces do good but always carry some minimalist in everyday options. Don’t carry anything and everything because you feel like it, let’s face it we don’t wear half of what we pack.  when it comes to accessories pre-plan, match them to the outfits and carry only if necessary or it’s only taking space in your bag.

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