Versatility : Mulmul x Masoom Minawala

Versatility : Mulmul x Masoom Minawala

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Versatility has long stood the test of the glamour world in being the essence of a timeless wardrobe,  even before capsule became a fashionable word. Apart from adding to the glory of economy, it also brings out your creative caps setting your style in motion. let the personal in style do the heavy lifting (with due credit ofcourse)! what better way to trend than as yourself? 

Solids and neutrals maybe the easiest standard to versatile, but patterns and intricacy can prove way to the title equally well. All it requires is some creative freedom and lots of confidence. Mulmul promises versatility not only in terms of styles but also in serving looks for any occasion on your mind, be it weddings, parties or a regular happy day; be it brunch, lunch, or breakfast in bed even!

Look no further than the global trendsetter Masoom Minawala for inspiration. She surely rests our case well.  

Look 1 : Wedding! 
You can wear our hazel kurta with the hazel bell bottoms and some ornate jewellery or take the cues of the blogger and add a  shimmery skirt with simple accessories in gold accents. 

Look 2 :  Dinner or Cocktail
Complement the intricate white embroidery on the kurta and let the detailed frills do the talking by pairing it up with flared white solids and a touch of teal to brighten the sophistication. 

Look 3: Work 
Mulmul kurta over a white shirt, flared denims and  gold chain links! layering at its best.

"I got this kurta from Mulmul. It's breezy, easy to wear and a classic design that I style differently each time I wear it" - MM